This is a course for students who have had little or no swimming experience. Instruction will focus on basic swimming skills for beginners to advanced beginners. Skills to be covered include: front crawl with rotary breathing, elementary backstroke, backstroke, sidestroke, breaststroke, comfort in the deep end of the pool, and treading water.

Learning Outcomes:
Each participant should obtain the following objectives:
Physical Objectives
– Ability to jump or dive into pool
– Swim 100 yards continuously demonstrating breath control and rhythmic breathing.
– Tread water for 2 minutes
– Float on stomach for 1 minute with head submerged
– Competency in freestyle and breaststroke
Cognitive Objectives
– Overcome any fears of swimming in a certain depth of water
– Overcome any fears of swimming in an open water environment
– Appreciating the importance of safety in and around aquatic environments
– Understanding the importance of lifesaving equipment for people of all ages and swimming abilities
Safety/Sanitation Policies:
– Everyone MUST take a shower before entering the pool. If the instructor believes a participant did not rinse, they will be asked to revisit the shower.
– Swim suits are required for all swimmers. Swim caps are required for anyone with hair longer than a buzz cut. Goggles are recommended. Suits, caps and goggles are for sale at the ProShop.
– No one should enter the water until the instructor is on duty and gives permission.
– No chewing gum, food or glass allowed in pool area. Water must be in an enclosed non-breakable container.
– Please notify your instructor in case of an emergency.


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