This course is designed to teach  chess to children who have no knowledge of the game.  Students will learn pawn and piece movements as well as the fundamentals of the  beginning, the middle and  the end game.  Students will always touch and use equipment. Part of the class will be board demonstrations and part practical interaction.

Lesson 1:       The Story of Chess, The Chessboard is Your Kingdom, these are    the  loyal subjects,

Lesson 2:       Get Ready to Play (set up board & pieces), A Numerical Value

Lesson 3:       The King! The Straight Away Rook, The Pawn–Forward March, Rewarding Brave Pawns, Rook and Pawn Game

Lesson 4:       The Bishop–Advisor to the King & Queen, The Bishop and Pawn Game,  The Queen–Fierce and Bold, The Queen and Pawn Game,

Lesson5:        The Knight—Ready to jump into battle, Check, Checkmate, Stalemate, Draw

Lesson 6:       Castling, En Passant (very basic),  Are you ready to play a game?, How to read and write chess, A Famous Game, The 30 Rules of Chess

Lesson 7:        Practice Chess Tournment

Lesson 8:        How to read and write chess, A Famous Game,

Lesson 9:      Exchange Value of Pieces (Bishop for Knight Trade, The Exchange, Values Change with Position), Drawn or Tied Games (perpetual check, not enough  material  to checkmate.

Lesson 10:     Review stalemate, 3-move repetition of position, the 50 Move Rule, agreement), Fool’s Mate, Scholar’s Mate, How to use a chess clock.

Lesson 11:     The 30 Rules of Chess: Opening Principles, Endgame Principles

Lesson 12:     Pins, Forks, Discovered Checks, Double Checks, Skewers

Lesson 13:     Checkmating the lone king: Checkmating with King & Queen, Checkmating with King & two Rooks

Lesson 14:     The Endgame, Tactics, Position, Some Openings For Children

Lesson 15:     Chess Tournament Rules: How to use a clock, Proper chess etiquette, Practice Tournament with full USCF rules

Lesson 16:     Practice Tournament Continued, Awards & Certificates to all


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